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Sherpa 4x4 has a range of 4WD snorkels that spans over 50 vehicles ranging from Toyota Landcruisers produced in the 70's through to current model Ford Rangers and Nissan Patrols. Our range includes all of the major brands; Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Ford, Isuzu and Land Rover. With our constantly growing range there is always a chance that Sherpa 4x4 has the snorkel that you need.

Sherpa 4x4 Nissan Patrol GU Snorkel


Why do you fit a 4WD snorkel?

The main reason to fit a 4WD snorkel is to raise your vehicles air intake. This offers a number of benefits for the vehicle. The first of these is that it reduces the chance of water ingress into your engine when crossing creeks or muddy locations. We also tend to see an improvement in fuel economy, performance or both offering additional reasons to look at a Sherpa 4x4 snorkel. The 4wd snorkels achieve this as they are collecting cooler and cleaner air for the engine to use in its combustion process. 

How does the Sherpa 4x4 Snorkel compare?

4WD snorkel - Land Rover Defender

The 4WD snorkel market has many household names like Safari, Airtec and Ironman. Sherpa 4x4 snorkels are comparable in construction quality, fit and performance. However, at Sherpa 4x4 we don't believe you should pay through the nose for a brand name and we price our snorkels accordingly. We also offer features not seen in the 4x4 accessories market such as stainless steel and powder coated snorkel intake grills as well as hard moulded colour logos. With years of experience fitting and selling snorkels you can be assured the Sherpa 4x4 snorkels are an excellent fit every time.

How can I purchase a 4x4 snorkel? Sherpa 4x4 allows you buy our snorkels directly online through our website. We also have an extensive dealer network spanning all states in Australia. Our dealers will gladly assist you in supply and installation of our range of snorkels.

How does Sherpa 4x4 ensure it's offroad snorkels are of the highest quality? Sherpa 4x4 uses only the highest grade LLDPE plastic in it's moulds. The snorkels are produced via rotational moulding. The plastics are homogeneously, UV stabilised by compound blending and rated to at least UV20. This is why Sherpa 4x4 snorkels will last decades even in Australia's tough conditions and high UV exposure. Rotamoulding also provides a single piece structure which is more durable to vehicle flex and less likely to puncture or crack. The components used on our 4x4 snorkels are of the highest grade and the kits contain all nuts, bolts and clamps required for installation.

How to install a Sherpa 4x4 Snorkel


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