Offset Winch Hawse

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Sherpa 4x4 Aluminium Offset Winch Hawse


- 30mm offset, polished aluminium winch hawse!

- required for winch installation with some brands of bullbars including some of the new ARB bullbars.


  • Ideal for synthetic ropes
  • Heavy duty, corrosion proof, polished aluminium construction
  • Suitable for 0- 19,000lb winches
  • Holes are 10" (ctr to ctr) apart
  • Hole size (back - shanck width) 1/2" or 12mm
  • Hole size (front - bolt head recess) 1" or 25mm
  • Thickness of fairled 20mm
  • Length of fairlead 300mm
  • Height of fairlead 88mm
  • Slot length 180mm
  • Slot height (opening) 24mm
  • Offset is 30mm (from centre of bolt holes)
  • Centre of slot is above the bolt holes
  • Bolt holes are recessed to give a flat surface

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