Nissan 4WD Snorkels

The Nissan 4x4 family is a popular option for many 4wders. The powerful driveline combined with the renowned reliability many choose to take them to some of the roughest country in Australia. This is where a Sherpa 4x4 Snorkel comes in and becomes the perfect companion for your vehicle.


Nissan Patrol GU

The Nissan Patrol GU's are an excellent example of why you should use a snorkel, the air intake is in the front of the passenger guard. This leaves the engine vulnerable to mud and water two of the most dangerous elements to a motor. The 4wd snorkel moves the air intake up to the top of the windscreen away from these problems.

Nissan Navara D22

The Nissan Navara D22 is the "ol' reliable" in the Nissan 4x4 range. While the vehicle has been around since the late 90s' and had changes it has not had any major updates. Like the Patrol this leaves the air intake valnerable and at the front of the passenger side guard. Currently the later model D22 Navaras have a dual battery system that makes it difficult to put a snorkel in, due to the original piping. Sherpa 4x4 are currently working on developing a Dual Battery D22 snorkel. To register your interest email please

Nissan Navara D40

The Nissna Navara D40 is the newer iteration of the Nissan Navara and has been popular since its release in 2004. The D40 has one downfall, there are models built in different countries and they have slight differences. The Sherpa 4x4 Snorkel has been designed for the Spanish model. This 4WD snorkel helps to improve the D40s performance by allowing cooler air into the 2.5L diesel motor. Like the rest of the Nissan family the air intake is under the passenger front guard

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