Toyota 4WD Snorkel

Sherpa 4x4 sells a range of 4WD snorkels to meet the tough demands of the Toyota range. The Toyota range has been a popular 4x4 option for a number of years and each of different lines have proven themselves time and time again.

Toyota Landcruiser Snorkel

The Landcruiser range is a perfect candidate for a 4wd snorkel. The standard intake in almost the entire range is under the drivers side front wheel arch, this leaves it exposed to water and mud. The Sherpa 4x4 Snorkel will raise the air intake away from these potentially damaging elements. The Factory Replacement Snorkel is one of our most popular items as it removes the pointless join in the middle that would allow water in.

Toyota Hilux Snorkel

The earlier Hilux models often show some of the best improvements in performance when fitted with a snorkel. The cooler, cleaner and larger air intake allows the motor to breath better. As with all 4WD snorkels, moving the air intake higher is beneficial to vehicles 4x4 capabilities.


Our warehouse is located in Brisbane, Australia but we have dealers in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. As we are largely online we are able to ship any where an Australia at reasonable prices.

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