Nissan Patrol GU Series I, II, III Snorkel

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The Nissan Patrol GU was the first of the current production models to still be running today. It took the solid and reliable GQ platform and added new styling and modernised creature comforts creating a car that was both reliable and comfortable. The first three series ran from 1997 until 2004 with a total of 5 engine variants, one of which, when heavily modified can produce over 2000hp. While the Sherpa 4x4 Snorkel is not going to have you pushing out those figures it will help to improve your performance both on and off the beaten path.

Sherpa 4x4 has designed the ultimate in off-road snorkels. Increased air flow, water proofing and durability against the harshest of environments are key and no sacrifices have been made in style or construction quality. Only the highest grade UV and Colour stabilised plastics have been used. Backed by a 3 Year warranty!

Why fit a snorkel?

  • Increase air flow to your engine. Many customers report increased power and fuel economy after fitting a snorkel.
  • Draw in cool air which is somewhat forced into the air intake due to the forward motion of the vehicle.
  • Increase the life of your air filter.
  • Avoid possible engine failure from water ingress to your engine when performing water crossing.

Vehicle Suitability

Years 1997 - 2004

Suits the following engines:

  • 11/97 to 03/00 TB45E 4.5L 6 Cylinder Petrol
  • 11/97 to 03/00 TD42-I6 4.2L 6 Cylinder Diesel
  • 11/97 to 03/00 RD28-TE 2.8L 6 Cylinder Diesel
  • 04/00 to 12/02 TB45E 4.8L 6 Cylinder Petrol
  • 01/03 to 08/04 TB48E 4.8L 6 Cylinder Petrol
  • 11/97 to 08/04 with TD42 4.2L 6 cylinder Diesel
  • ZD30 3.0L Diesel Engine models with extra bolt pack
  • Cab Chasis Patrol 1997 - 2006

Due to popular demand, Sherpa 4x4 will be reducing the number of snorkels moulded with our yellow ‘Sherpa 4x4’ branding. We are seeing growing demand for a less conspicuous product and will now supply the snorkel without the yellow logo as standard. The snorkel moulds, plastics and all other components will remain unchanged and still be the high quality expected of the Sherpa 4x4 brand. We will keep some snorkel stock on hand with the original yellow branding and if you wish to order one of these please specify when placing your order.

Air Ram Head

Sherpa 4x4 utilises a 2 piece injection moulded air ram head. A simple, yet effective  4 vane drain system prevents water entering the vehicles intake for added security. Finishing off the snorkel head is a stylish and durable, laser cut, 316 stainless steel grill. Attached to the main snorkel body using a 316 stainless screw clamp allowing the snorkel head to be easily rotated to face any angle. This is useful in conditions such as snow, sandy, muddy and dusty environments, and provides a key advantage over modern integrated snorkel heads.

Snorkel Body

Constructed as a single piece LLDPE rotomoulded snorkel body. Such a production process is designed to give Sherpa 4x4 snorkels the highest integrity and uniformity. Internal shaping and pipe diameters are developed to allow increased, unrestricted and excess air flow to your engine. Avoiding circular delivery pipes prevents inconsistencies in cross sectional airflow, regions of low pressure and whirl pooling as seen with many snorkels.  

Snorkel Plastic Quality

Sherpa 4x4 specifies only the highest grades of LLDPE plastics for the construction of our snorkels. Being an Australian business we understand that our customers 4WDs are exposed to some of the harshest conditions in the world. All plastics used are seeded for UV and colour stabilisation. Shorter chain branching and a low deviation in molecular weight distribution allows for good shear resistance, high impact and puncture resistance as well as environmental stress cracking resistance. These features along with just enough flexibility and polymer extension means you have one tough snorkel that can handle outback conditions as well as contend with vibrations and flexes in your four wheel drive.

Included in this snorkel kit

  • Air ram snorkel head and clamp
  • LLDPE snorkel body
  • Inner guard pipes, rubber boots and connectors where required
  • Mounting hardware such as brackets, studs, Nylock nuts, washers where required
  • Fitting template
  • Detailed Fitting instructions specific to the GU 1, 2, 3 Series Patrols

Snorkel Warranty

Sherpa 4x4 stands by the quality of our products and all snorkels come with a peace of mind 3 year warranty. However, independent plastic testing and weathering results show that these snorkels and components will be functioning on your vehicle for decades.


Sherpa 4x4 strives to provide the most accurate and up to date information regarding the suitability of each snorkel for various vehicles, years and engine types. Given the large number of makes, models and variations within these such as flared guards, dual batteries etc we advise doing some additional research or contacting one of our dealers to discuss your purchase. Product may vary slightly from image.

4WD Snorkel Installation

Sherpa 4x4 snorkels are designed with simple installation in mind. All components are included in the kit and often only a hole saw, screw driver and some sealant is required to complete the install. While 95% of our customers choose to install the snorkel themselves, we do advise that snorkels be installed by one of our dealers or by a professional mechanic or similar.

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