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Neoprene Winch cover

August 25, 2014 1 min read

The Sherpa 4x4 Neoprene Winch Cover offers protection to one of your most important pieces of recovery equipment. The 4mm thick Neoprene material ensures that your winch is protected from the harshest of Australian elements. Not only does it reduce the chances of corrosion to your winch but it also protects it from the hazards of travel; stone chips and road debris that can do unnoticed damage. For those of us that prefer the advantages of synthetic rope the winch cover will also greatly reduce the damage that can often be caused by UV degradation, a cheap investment to increase the longevity of your expensive rope.


Unlike some other winch covers the Sherpa 4x4 Neoprene Winch Cover does not use cords or string to tighten, instead the tight fitting material hugs the winch to ensure its safe passage. The winch cover will not only fit ‘The Colt’ and ‘The Steed’ winches by Sherpa 4x4, in both the 28m or 45m configurations but it will also fit a number of other winches from brands such as Warn and Ironman.


So take the time today to check out this handy piece of equipment.

Expedition Vehicle Australia test out the winch cover on 'The Steed' on their latest Iveco Daily Expedition Truck.

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