Sherpa 4x4 Winch Testimonials

Sherpa 4x4 is a locally owned, Australian brand specialising in extreme 4x4 winches, offroad snorkels and 4WD accessories. These heavy duty, high quality, yet affordable winches, snorkels and accessories are designed to last. Where possible we assemble, load test and even manufacturer some components in our Brisbane workshop.

Our product range includes 12V and 24V winches. Offroad and 4WD winches. High powered, dual motor winches for bigger applications such as trucks, Ivecos and larger offroad vehicles, campers caravans and agricultural applications.

Sherpa 4x4 is proud to supply a range of vehicle recovery and general 4x4 accessories such as winch anchors, HID lights, fairleads, winch hawses, winch ropes and cables, snatch blocks, tree trunk protectors, winch dampners, recovery hooks and other equipment.

Online sales can be made through the Sherpa 4x4 Online store or through our main parts dealer, Scintex. We ship anywhere in Australia!

Sherpa 4x4 also has an extensive network of resellers. For a list of dealers please see our Contact page, alternatively give us a call and we'll put you in touch with your nearest reseller.

BECOME A DEALER: If you are a 4x4 accessories store and can install or fit winches, snorkels and other accessories feel free to inquire about becoming a Sherpa 4x4 dealer!


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