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The Sherpa Product Warranty only covers against faulty parts and workmanship, not general wear and tear from normal use. 
Warranty Length: 
9,500lb Winches                                                       5 Years*
12,000Lb Winches                                                    5 Years* 
17,000Lb Winches                                                    5 Years* 
Dual Motor Winches                                                 5 Years*
Control Boxes, Solenoids and Hand Remotes         5 Years* 
Synthetic Ropes                                                       12 Months* 
Steel Cables                                                             12 Months* 
Fairlead and Hawse                                                  12 Months* 
Snatch Blocks                                                           12 Months* 
Wireless Remote Kits                                                12 Months* 
Universal Winch Plates                                              12 Months* 
Winch Hooks                                                             12 Months* 
Tree Trunk Protectors                                               12 Months* 
Ground Anchors                                                        12 Months* 
Winch Dampeners                                                     12 Months* 
Spot Lights                                                                12 Months* 
*Warranty Terms & Conditions: 
For full Terms & Conditions of Sale including Warranty & Returns policy see Terms.
Additional Conditions For Sherpa 4x4 Winches: 
  • Your Sherpa 4x4 Winch must be serviced every 12 Months by a suitably qualified professional. 
  • A copy of service receipts must be presented for a warranty claim. 
  • The winch should be used with a minimum 650 Cold Cranking Amps battery 
  • The winch MUST have at least 1 complete layer of cable/rope on the drum at all times, the cable has a red mark which identifies the minimum that must remain on the drum. 
  • The winch MUST be mounted to a suitable winch compatible bull bar or winch cradle only. 
  • The winch MUST be used as per the instruction manual. 
  • Do Not use the winch for industrial or commercial applications 
  • Do Not hook the winch cable / rope onto itself 
  • Do Not exceed the pulling limits of the winch 
  • Do Not shock load the winch 
  • Do Not overwork the winch. The drives, like on all winches, have a duty cycle. 

Winch Maintenance & Service Guide