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How to install a 45m winch to your Defender

July 09, 2015 2 min read

Recently one of our customers Ray decided that he wanted to fit a Sherpa 4x4 winch to his 2012 Defender. Below is a short write up that he did for us with a few pictures to help out. This install was not a standard fit but with a bit of determination, any thing is possible.

Fitting a 12000lb 45m Sherpa 4x4 Colt winch onto 2012 Landrover Defender with ARB deluxe bull bar.

Cut out grill panel as per ARB instructions. You can purchase the kit for about $300, but all it contains is an aluminium bracket and longer battery leads. I made my own bracket and got longer cables made by the local auto electrician.



 I then mounted the winch to the bull bar.

NOTE the bolts supplied weren’t long enough so I had to get some longer ones.

 I then tried to fit the bull bar but it was a very tight fit and I could not access the disengage lever.


 I made up some 30mm spacers out of a piece of 35 X 70 RHS and welded ends into the spacer (Sherpa note: This spacer is only required due to the size of the winch that was fitted, a 28m winch wouldn't require this modification.)


 I then trimmed out the a little bit of the grill.  It actually looks larger than it is and once the winch is in place, it is not very noticeable 


I then mounted the control box up high, as I know from experience that it is best to have the control box high and as dry as possible.  You will notice that I have replaced the power cable with some very heavy duty double insulated battery cable.  I had to get a longer cables anyway so I thought that I might as well go heavy duty.  I then tested everything using a pair of heavy-duty jumper cables to make sure that it all worked prior to fitting it to the car. NOTE you definitely need the longer cables on the defender as the battery is under the front passenger seat.


The grill cut-out for the disengagement lever

The bull bar and winch fitted


Unless you looked close, you would not notice that the bull bar has been spaced forward 30 mm.



 The finished job, except from properly wiring it up into the car.  Fitting the winch was relatively easy and took about 6 hours by the time I test fitted, made new spacers, wired it up and tested it and then properly fitted it.  I probably have better than average mechanical knowledge and skills being a qualified plumber and Manual Arts teacher.  I have also had experience working on Landrovers and refitting my old Warn upright wince to at least three other landrovers.

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