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Legalities of LED Light bars

September 24, 2015 2 min read

LED light bars and common mounting questions.

LED Light bars and spotlights in general for that matter often come into contention of where you can mount them, while lighting is not our strong point we felt that it could be helpful to point out the rules for all those that are looking. These laws relate to Queensland drivers only, so for all the other states I recommend that you check with your local transport department.

Can I mount a light bar (spotlights) on top of my bull bar?

The short answer is no. The technical wording is that the light must not be in the drivers line of sight. This means, for most of us, that by placing a light bar on the top of your bull bar it will interfere with your line of sight. For those that have a low set loop or no loop at all you will be ok under this ruling.


Can I mount a LED light bar on my roof?

Yes, you can legally mount a light bar on your roof, however there are a couple of stipulations that are involved with this.

1) The light bar must be on the front half of the vehicle, this means that on the likes of a dual cab you cant put the light bar on the roll bar of the tray.

2) Like all additional driving lights these must be switched so they can only be turned on when the high beams are on.


Is there a limit to how many lights I can have?

With all driving lights there is a limit to the total number of lights you are able to have on your vehicle, that number is 4. An LED light bar, no matter how long, is considered to be 1 light as long as the whole bar functions as one and you dont have the ability to turn on and of parts of the bar. A standard set of driving lights does count as 2 lights. This means that you cant have 1 set of driving lights and a light bar on the bull bar and a LED light bar on the roof, or the other way around.


Your lights and light fittings cannot potentially cause harm.

This part of the ruling is a little bit open to interpretation but your lights and light fittings cannot potentially cause harm if there is an accident. The diagram below gives you an idea of areas of danger. Basically try to avoid anything protruding from your bull bar.

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See the Full legislation document here

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