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Synthetic Winch Ropes


Synthetic Winch Rope is the latest technology for winches. Offering a substantially lighter option to cable, it is just as strong and removes the worry of splinters or kinking a cable! Retrofit to Sherpa winches as well as other brands.

  • Superior safety compared to steel winch cable.
  • Various lengths and load ratings available.


  • A great upgrade for steel cable winches. Rope is lightweight, floats on water, doesn't recoil and still offers the high breaking strength of cable.

  • The hook end has a stainless steel sleeving making hook attachment simple, yet strong and prevents abrasion on the rope.

  • Sherpa 4x4 can also supply aluminium hawse suitable for use with rope.

  • Manufactured to maintain braking load even after years of use. Fully UV, abrasion and chemically solvent resistant.

This is high-quality winch rope as used on all our Sherpa winches. Don't risk the cheap junk on the market as the breaking strains are lower than advertised.

Attaching to the Winch Drum

Sherpa winch drums are designed so they can accept either type of rope end crimp (pin type or screw on type).

Winch Rope Models: SWR28MB, SWR30MB, SWR45MB

Standard synthetic winch ropes in 28m, 30m and 45m have the following crimp to attach to the winch drum.

Winch Rope Crimp

Winch Rope Models: SBTWR12, SDB10X28, SWR45MB

The 12m (7mm) rope with hook, double braided rope with spectra and the Sherpa 45m ropes in 12mm have the follow screw on type connection.

Winch Rope Crimp

Technical Details

Specifications Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS)
7mm 9,480 lb
9mm 18,700 lb
10mm 23,760 lb
12mm 31,000 lb
Double Braided 100% Spectra Rope

Also available is a new 100% USA Spectra fibre winch rope with a double braided configuration. This rope feels amazing to handle and also looks great. The welded thimble end on these ropes is extra strong and will not crush under high strains.

This rope has a protective outer jacket but manages to maintain a high breaking strain due to the quality USA Spectra fibre construction. The 10mm overall outer diameter makes it a great upgrade for most winches on the market.  

Sherpa winch rope double braided jacket

Specifications Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS)
10mm 17,600 lb
Grunter Boat Winch Synthetic Rope Alternative

This is 12m of 7mm synthetic rope supplied as an alternative to the 50mm webbing on boat trailer winches. Supplied with the drilled lug on the drum end for easy fitment and a marine grade stainless steel hook on the other end. These hooks are stamped with a WLL of 1,000kg.

Sherpa Synthetic Dyneema Winch Ropes 12m 7mm

Warning: Sherpa 4x4 still recommends the use of a winch dampener when performing a vehicle recovery with winch rope. Winch ropes should only be used on 'brake in gearbox' style winches. Brake in drum winches can get extremely hot causing damage to the rope which will reduce its MBS. If upgrading an old brake in drum winch to synthetic rope it is highly recommended you insulate your drum to limit heat transfer.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
replacement rope

Sherpa has excellent quality ropes. Wouldn't trust anything else. The cheap stuff fades, scuffs and then snaps when you need it most.

Spectra Rope

Excellent quality. You can see the finer finish on this compared to cheap stuff load rated.

Andrew P
new rope fan

Im loving this rope. got the 28m length for my 9500lb winch. After being cable, it is so much easier to use!

Andrew P
new rope fan

Im loving this rope. got the 28m length for my 9500lb winch. After being cable, it is so much easier to use!