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The 2015 Sherpa winch lineup. - Introducing ''The Mustang''

January 12, 2015 2 min read

2015 4WD Winches - Sherpa 4x4

2015 sees the start of a number of big things for Sherpa 4x4. The first of these is the release of the updated range of winches and the inclusion of a 9,500lb winch in our range.

The entire range has had a number of minor upgrades to help improve the durability and longevity of the winch; 316 stainless steel fittings and cross braces, higher grade components and a simpler hoist style winch controller. With these improvements it has also allowed us to offer a 5 year warranty on the entire range of winches.

We have also given the winches a stylish new yellow powder coated finish to make them stand out from the crowd as much with looks as they do with product features.

9,500lb electric winch

The Newest member to the team is The Mustang, a 9,500lb powerhouse. Run by a 6HP motor with a 246:1 gear ratio it is one of the best spec’d winches in its class. These impressive stats offer one of the fastest fully loaded line speeds with 3.2m/min (24v) or 2.5m/min (12v). The Mustang is also one of the lightest winches on the market, coming in at a mere 21Kg when fitted with synthetic rope making it easier on your front end suspension.

Troy Bignell the Sherpa 4x4 Marketing Manager says “We see The Mustang becoming a very popular addition to our line up, with a competitive $699 starting price it is hard to beat. It has many of the same features that some of the biggest brand names offer with a fraction of the price tag.”

The Sherpa 4x4 flagship winch The Mule has also had a number of upgrades; this 17,000lb, 12.6Hp dual motor winch is now tougher and more reliable than ever. We have upgraded the motors to run with full redundancy, this offers multiple advantages to the owner. The first is that even if one motor fails you will still get a full 17,000lb pull, it will just make the second motor work a little bit harder and have a slower line pull. The second is the improved longevity of the motors, with the motors drawing substantially less current each the lifespan is increased.

Dual Motor Winch

Even with all these great improvements put in place it can’t be forgotten what makes the Sherpa 4x4 winches great in the first place; tough product design, rigorous testing and options that no one else offers.

Sherpa 4x4 – Haulin’ Ass

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