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HID upgrade to IPF 800XS Extreme Sports Spot Lights

January 18, 2016 2 min read

IPF lights for Land Rover Defender 800XS

The IPF 800XS and 900XS are probably the best lights on the market in their price range. Made in Japan, these are very high quality spot lights. Their all metal construction and glass reflector lenses give them great performance and longevity. The downside is they currently come with 100W H9 halogen bulbs. The benefits of HID over Halogen in terms of current draw, luminosity and colour temperature are clear. This simple and cheap upgrade will give you a set of extremely durable, waterproof driving lights with the light output of high end HID spot lights.

IPF 800XS Lights and HID upgrade kit

Figure Above: 2x IPF 800XS with 100W Halogen Bulbs + 55W 12V HID Kit with H9 globes.

Install Instructions:

1) Remove the light covers.

IPF 800XS 900XS Offroad Lights

2) Remove two side screws. Ensure to use the correct size screw driver as they are tight.

IPF 800XS offroad lights removing reflector cover

3) The reflector retainer and reflector / globe will come loose from the main light enclosure.

IPF spot lights australia dissembled

4) Disconnect the globe electrical connector.

IPF Lights ARB 4x4 spotties HID Internal Ballast

5) Remove the globe by twisting 30o anti clockwise.

IPF Halogen Lights Australia

6) Connect the power cable to the HID ballast.

Internal Ballast HID Kit for IPF Australia 800XS Spot LIghts

7) Apply double sided tape and silicone sealant as shown in the picture.

IPF HID upgrade kit for 800XS lights

8) Wipe the inside of the light with methylated spirits to remove any grease or oil.

9) Insert the ballast into the light enclosure as shown. It goes all the way to the top, slightly tilted and just touching the side screw thread. It is crucial to get this located correctly otherwise the reflector will not fit back into the enclosure. However, you will have time to make adjustments while the silicone sealant sets.

Installing HID 55W internal ballast to IPF 4WD lights

10) Test the location by placing the reflector into the enclosure, it should sit flat on the 4 metal tabs.

HID upgrade for IPF offroad spot lights

11) Once in the correct location, apply additional sealant to ensure the ballast is securely located.

12) Connect the original power wires to the ballast as show. Use heat shrink tubing to insulate the connections to prevent shorting. Shrink with a heat gun.

Note: Make sure the polarity is correct. It won’t damage anything if it’s wrong but you’ll have to open the light up and reverse the wires if you get it around the wrong way. The power connector inside the light has no clear markings for positive and negative. On the IPF 800XS the black wire is earth and the white wire is positive. Use a multimeter and check continuity between the black -ve power wire on the ballast to the earth wire in the IPF wiring loom, this will be the black wire with a ring connector.

Wiring upgrade for HID IPF 4WD Lights

Testing wiring on IPF Australia 4WD Lights

4WD HID Offroad Lights by IPF Australia

Wiring IPF 800XS HID 4WD Lights

13) Fit the H9 HID bulb to the reflector and connect the ballast wires.

H9 55W HID Conversion for IPF Offroad LIghts

IPF Lights ARB Australia HID Conversion

14) Insert the reflector, push the cabling off to the left to create space behind the bulb.

IPF Driving Rally Lights for 4WD and 4x4

15) Attach the reflector retainer and reinstall the screws.

16) Check the light, if the light doesn’t work check the positive and negative power was connected correctly to the ballast.

17) Allow a few days for the sealant to dry.

Get your set today!


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