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Single Phase Electric Motor Winch



Single 1-Phase Electric Motor Ramp Winch

Powerful and reliable, Sherpa have engineered a winch that runs a single phase, 240V industrial motor, offering greater winching capabilities at your finger tips. Ideal for use as a fixed boat ramp winch or for the trades who need to haul cables, loads or equipment.

  • Sherpa have been been designing and building winches for years. What sets Sherpa apart from others is that they listen to customer requests and feedback and continually look to improve and offer new products to the market. Customers have requested a no fuss, powerful, single phase winch, that can haul boats and pontoons, up ramps, at a realistic price point. This has born the development of the Sherpa AC winch range.

    Note, this winch is not recommended for crane or hoist applications and may not meet the Australian Standard AS 1418 for Cranes, hoists and winches. Similar to a 4x4 winch, this winch is designed for recovering loads such as boats, up ramps and is designed for use outside the fore-mentioned standard.

    This winch is capable of pulling 500kg (1,100lb) as a vertical load and offers fast, user friendly control. When used in conjunction with a ramp trailer on a incline, users are able to haul heavy boats with ease. Each winch is supplied with a wired controller and also a wireless remote control.

    Winches are supplied fitted with steel cable ready to operate. The large drum provides ample cable volume for most applications. Whilst the winch is supplied with steel cable fitted to the drum, the winch is compatible with synthetic rope alternatives and these can be supplied separately for the customer to fit as they wish.

    Why are Sherpa winches different to the competition?

    Tried and Tested - Sherpa don't just base their winch designs on the theoretical calculations. Winches are also tested to destruction on a test bench before undergoing real world testing. What result is a robust winch design with exceptional in-house pre and post sales support.

    Tough & Durable - These winches are suitable for outdoor installations with a IP44 rating on the electrical motor. We do recommend they be installed under cover to maximise their operating life. Winches are fitted with quality seals to keep the elements out.

    Braking Design - This winch uses a electric brake design which automatically applies the brake on loss of power. The brake applies instantly and holds the load. The brake is located inside the electric motor which results in a cool running temperature for the winch drum enabling it to be used with synthetic ropes if required.

    Quality gearboxes - Other brands use cheap sintered steel to make their gears. In the sintering process, heat and pressure is used to cast shapes from powdered steel. Sintered gears are unpredictable and not as strong as heat treated gears cut from quality steel. Sherpa demand the highest quality components for every step of the winch build resulting in a stronger winch that lasts. 

    Electrics - Plug and Play using a common 10 amp, single phase plug. Control your winch via the included pendant control or via the included wireless controller. The momentary push buttons trigger the heavy duty contactors that supply power to the motor. Users can winch in and out via either control method. 

    Powerful- Sherpa use a combination of powerful motors and high reduction planetary gears to offer superior power and performance. Sherpa winches run smooth and quiet meaning they last.  

    Simplicity - Easy to set up and operate, these winches have been designed with simplicity in mind. They are supplied ready to operate out of the box.

    Warranty and Parts - Sherpa offers a 1 Year warranty on the 240V winch range. All spares and consumables are available to maintain the winch.

  • Technical Details

    Specifications Value
    Rated Line Pull

    1,100 lb (500 kg) 

    (Note, this winch is rated for 500kg load on it's most outer layer of cable on the drum, ratings for inner layers will be slightly increased)


    Single Phase 240V AC

    3hp (2.2kW)

    10 amps

    Controls (included)

    Pendant wired controller (~1m lead)

    Wireless controller

    Motor IP Rating


    Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction has no harmful effect. Despite this we recommend installation under a weather cover where possible to keep the winch looking good and operational for it's lifetime.


    Supplied with 30m of 6mm steel cable.

    Mounting Bolt Pattern 210 x 140mm
    Dimensions 510 (L) x 210 (W) x 250mm (H)
    Weight 36 kg
    Brake Automatic in motor
    Duty Cycle Continuous
    Warranty 1 Year


    Winch Performance Data

    Line Pull (kg) Line Speed (m/min)
    0 25
  • Winch Owner's Manual 

    Grunter Boat Winch Owner's Manual

    ATV Winch Owner's Manual

    Winch Dimensions:

    'Mustang' 9,500Lb with 28m spool

    'Brumby' 10,000Lb high speed winch

    'Colt' 12,000Lb

    'Steed' 17,000Lb with 28m spool

    'Steed' 17,000Lb with 45m spool

    'Mule' 17,000Lb dual motor winch with 45m spool

    'Stallion'  25,000Lb winch with 30m spool

    Tow Truck Winch 20,000Lb

    'Grunter' boat trailer winches (Standard & HP Models)

    'Grunter' Boat Trailer Winch Mounting Bracket

    ATV Winch 4,500Lb

    ATV Winch 4,500Lb Mounting Plate

    Winch Control Box

    Wiring Diagrams:

    Dual Motor Winch Wiring Diagram

    Winch Solenoid Wiring Diagram

    Winch Weights:

    Winch Type Other 92ft (28m) Cable 92ft (28m) Rope 100ft (30m) Rope 100ft (30m) Cable 148ft (45m) Cable 148ft (45m) Rope
    ATV Winch 4,500Lb 15lb (7 kg) X X X X X X
    9,500Lb X 57lb (26 kg) 42lb (19 kg) X X X X
    10,000Lb (High Speed) X X 50lb (23 kg) X X X X
    12,000Lb X 66lb (30 kg) 50lb (23 kg) X X X X
    17,000Lb Single Motor X 60lb (30 kg) 50lb (23 kg) X X 88lb (40 kg) 57lb (26 kg)
    17,000Lb Dual Motor X X X X X 101lb (46 kg) 71lb (32 kg)
    Tow Truck Winch 20,000Lb X 100lb (45 kg) 66lb (30 kg) X X X X
    25,000Lb X X X 68lb (31 kg) 104lb (47 kg) X X

    Cable Data:

     Winch Type Cable Type Length Cable Size
    Grunter Boat Trailer Winches (All models)

    Positive (Power)

    7m (~23ft) 50mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 32mm² 

    Control Box Cables

    Various <1m (< ~3ft) From winch to control box only.  25mm² 
    Grunter Cable Upgrade (Postive cable only)

    Positive (Power)

    10m (~32ft) 50mm² 

    4x4 Winches (All models)

    Mustang, Colt, Steed, Mule, Brumby, Stallion, Tow Truck winch models.

    Positive (Power)

    1.8m (~6ft) 25mm² 


    Negative (Earth)

    1.8m (~6ft) 25mm² 

    Control Box Cables

    Various <1m (< ~3ft) From winch to control box only.  25mm²
    4x4 Winch Cable Upgrade

    Positive (Power)

    3m (~10ft) 25mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 25mm² 
    Big Air - Air Compressors (All models)

    Positive (Power)

    3m (~10ft) 16mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 16mm²

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Electric winch

I'm using this winch in a work shop application. After 2 years it's had no issues and requiered 0 maintenance.

240v winch

Quality winch. Delivered fast. Not much on the market this good at this price.

Phil N
AC Winch

Very well made ac winch. Was able to custom order with 30m of dyneema winch rope. Turnaround time was quick. Much cheaper and heavy duty compared to Pacific hoists and Powerwinch.