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Albright Winch Solenoid


Albright Winch Solenoids Australia Albright Solenoids Warn Winches

Sherpa 4x4 is proud to be the Australian distributors for Albright International DC contactors and winch solenoids. An ideal upgrade to your existing Warn winch or as a replacement for your Sherpa winch. Note: All Sherpa winches come fitted with an Albright solenoid as standard.

  • Genuine Albright DC88P 1000 Series winch solenoids.
  • This is the current model Albright winch solenoid, the DC88P 1000 Series which supercedes the DC88P. With over 70 years experience in manufacturing contactors the Albright DC88P series of winch solenoids are the best on the market. Their superior duty cycle and water proofing makes them ideal for use in offroad conditions. Capable of withstanding high current loads these solenoids are suitable as a replacement solenoid for any of the Sherpa 4x4 winches.

    • Available in 12V or 24V
    • Dual direction solenoid compatible with most winches including various Warn models
    • Compatible with all Sherpa 4x4 winches
    • Compact monoblock construction
    • Suitable for interrupted and uninterrupted loads
    • Compatible with wireless remotes
    • Ideal for series wound and permanent magnet DC motors
    • Bi-directional for winches with release and retrieve motors (F1 & F2)
  • Solenoid Specification Value
    Max Current 800 Amps
    Voltage 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC models available
    Winch Loads 4,500lb to 18,000lb
    Dimensions Overall Height = 97mm
    Main Body Height = 79mm
    Overall Width = 100mm
    Overall Depth = 61mm
    Terminal Height = 18mm
    Terminal Size = M8
    Warranty 12 Months

    For duty cycles at various loads please see the data sheet below.

    Albright Winch Solenoid Data Sheet

    Albright Sherpa 4x4 Winch Solenoid Wiring Diagram DC88P

  • Winch Owner's Manual 

    Grunter Boat Winch Owner's Manual

    ATV Winch Owner's Manual

    Winch Dimensions:

    'Mustang' 9,500Lb with 28m spool

    'Brumby' 10,000Lb high speed winch

    'Colt' 12,000Lb

    'Steed' 17,000Lb with 28m spool

    'Steed' 17,000Lb with 45m spool

    'Mule' 17,000Lb dual motor winch with 45m spool

    'Stallion'  25,000Lb winch with 30m spool

    Tow Truck Winch 20,000Lb

    'Grunter' boat trailer winches (Standard & HP Models)

    'Grunter' Boat Trailer Winch Mounting Bracket

    ATV Winch 4,500Lb

    ATV Winch 4,500Lb Mounting Plate

    Winch Control Box

    Wiring Diagrams:

    Dual Motor Winch Wiring Diagram

    Winch Solenoid Wiring Diagram

    Winch Weights:

    Winch Type Other 92ft (28m) Cable 92ft (28m) Rope 100ft (30m) Rope 100ft (30m) Cable 148ft (45m) Cable 148ft (45m) Rope
    ATV Winch 4,500Lb 15lb (7 kg) X X X X X X
    9,500Lb X 57lb (26 kg) 42lb (19 kg) X X X X
    10,000Lb (High Speed) X X 50lb (23 kg) X X X X
    12,000Lb X 66lb (30 kg) 50lb (23 kg) X X X X
    17,000Lb Single Motor X 60lb (30 kg) 50lb (23 kg) X X 88lb (40 kg) 57lb (26 kg)
    17,000Lb Dual Motor X X X X X 101lb (46 kg) 71lb (32 kg)
    Tow Truck Winch 20,000Lb X 100lb (45 kg) 66lb (30 kg) X X X X
    25,000Lb X X X 68lb (31 kg) 104lb (47 kg) X X

    Cable Data:

     Winch Type Cable Type Length Cable Size
    Grunter Boat Trailer Winches (All models)

    Positive (Power)

    7m (~23ft) 50mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 32mm² 

    Control Box Cables

    Various <1m (< ~3ft) From winch to control box only.  25mm² 
    Grunter Cable Upgrade (Postive cable only)

    Positive (Power)

    10m (~32ft) 50mm² 

    4x4 Winches (All models)

    Mustang, Colt, Steed, Mule, Brumby, Stallion, Tow Truck winch models.

    Positive (Power)

    1.8m (~6ft) 25mm² 


    Negative (Earth)

    1.8m (~6ft) 25mm² 

    Control Box Cables

    Various <1m (< ~3ft) From winch to control box only.  25mm²
    4x4 Winch Cable Upgrade

    Positive (Power)

    3m (~10ft) 25mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 25mm² 
    Big Air - Air Compressors (All models)

    Positive (Power)

    3m (~10ft) 16mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 16mm²

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Peter Raby

Albright Winch Solenoid

Sturdy and handy

as expected, quite satisfied

Stephen R
Winch contactor

Excellent upgrade for my Warn xd9000!