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Tow Truck Winch - 20,000 lb


20,000Lb Electric Tow Truck Winch

Designed specifically for people wanting a hoist style of winch suited to loading equipment on and off trailers and trucks. These winches are built with advanced features to ensure the best performance for this type of application.


Sherpa have been been designing and building winches for many years and what makes them different from others is that they listen to customer requests and feedback and continually look to improve. Customers have been asking for a powerful, reliable and simple to operate winch that will haul containers, machinery and equipment on and off their flat bed trucks, tilt trays and custom trailers with ease.

The Sherpa Tow Truck winch is built with a large frame and oversized drum which not only ensures the ultimate in strength, but also means rope or cable can be wound onto the winch without the worry of uneven loading or over spooling. This makes winching fast and carefree so the user can focus on the load and not what the winch is doing.

This winch is built with a hoist style braking design which has the brake incorporated into the motor. The brake is designed to be fail safe meaning mechanical springs automatically apply the braking force on loss of power supply. When the operator engages the winch, the brake is electrically released. This type of brake design is a necessity for people towing loads similar to as seen in hoisting applications. Common 4x4 winch brakes will not handle lowering of loads and will quickly wear and be damaged. The incorporation of a hoist style brake into the motor resolves this common shortfall. The braking design in this winch is extremely powerful as the brake applies on the input side of the high reduction planetary gearbox and users can expect the brake to hold high loads with ease.

As with all Sherpa winches, this winch comes with a genuine Albright International solenoid pack ensuring it's waterproof and the most reliable on the market. 

The winch is supplied with 28m of synthetic rope or 28m of steel cable and can be built with 12V or 24V motor and control option. A optional wireless remote control kit is also available and will work with this winch.

Sherpa Tow Truck winches are not recommended for applications that would see the winch submerged in water. Whilst the winch has a IP66 rating and is suitable for outdoors installations in the full elements, we do not recommend the winch be submerged as water ingress can impact the electric brake performance.

Warning, whilst this is a 'Hoist' style of winch, this winch is not certified or recommended for overhead hoisting applications. The winch features a single brake design without redundancy and is unlikely to conform to hoisting winch standards. Users should always use extreme caution when winching and hoisting loads and be prepared for a brake failure and load shift.

Why are Sherpa winches different to the competition?

  • Tried and Tested - Sherpa 4x4 winches have been designed and built with many years experience in the winching and lifting business. These winches have been through many stages of testing and improvements to deliver a product Sherpa 4x4 is proud to offer to the public. 
  • Tough & Durable - The winch is designed to survive in all conditions, with 316 stainless steel componentry and machined aluminum mounts, this winch will stand up to all environments. 
  • Braking Design - Beware of cheap imitations! Many winches on the market use the old cable winch ‘Brake in drum’ design which causes heat to build up in the winch damaging synthetic rope. ‘Brake in Drum’ winches were never intended for use with synthetic ropes and this will become obvious at the most inconvenient time. Sherpa winches are compatible with all types of synthetic rope. The innovative design results in a trouble and heat free winch and braking combination.
  • Quality gearboxes - Other brands use sintered steel to make their gears. In this process heat and pressure is used to cast shapes from powdered steel. Sintered gears are unpredictable and not as strong as gears that are CNC cut from quality billet steel. Sherpa demand the highest quality components for every step of the winch build meaning they deliver stronger winches that last.
  • Electrics - Sherpa 4x4 winches come standard with fully sealed, water tight, heavy duty, genuine Albright solenoids. A common failure for winches is the solenoid so why use anything but the best? Sherpa only offer Albright solenoids across our complete range of winches because they work. Don't waste your time with imitations, demand the best and enjoy the performance.
  • Powerful- Sherpa 4x4 winches come with massive series wound motors featuring higher amounts of copper in the winding's then others. By specifying the best motors across the entire winch range, you are ensured a more durable winch that can withstand the extreme conditions recovery brings.
  • Simplicity - Sherpa 4x4 winches are supplied with the parts and materials making installation easy for the home mechanic. Included is all mounting hardware to fit your winch and control box.
  • Fair leads & Hawse - Depending on if you're after the synthetic rope or the steel cable a 4 roller fairlead or aluminium hawse will be supplied.
  • Warranty and Parts - Sherpa 4x4 offers a 5 Year warranty on their winches. An economical range of spares are always available for existing Sherpa customers.

Albright Winch Solenoid

Genuine Albright Solenoids

All Sherpa 4x4 winches come with genuine Albright solenoids! Incorporated into the electrics is a custom made version of the DC88P solenoid designed specifically by Albright International for the Sherpa 4x4 control boxes. With 70 years experienced in contactor design, these are by far the best winch solenoids available. Capable of handling up to 800 amps, almost twice the maximum capacity of the winch. Contact plating is second to none, increasing the duty cycle over other winches. As seen in our water submersion testing videos the Albright solenoids can be run for significant time under water without moisture ingress. The cheap Chinese solenoids used in the majority of winches will fail under extreme conditions and under high amperage load.


Optional & Recommended Extras:

Sherpa provides a range of optional and recommended extras you may want to consider when buying a winch. You can order these using the tick box options near the 'Add to Cart' button. For full details on each item. See the Sherpa 4WD Accessories page.


Sherpa 4x4 Winch Range

Sherpa Winch Installation on Dodge Ram

Product Testing:

Install & Wiring How To:

Winch Gearbox Rotation:

Salt Water Submersion Test:

Technical Details

Specifications Value
Rated Line Pull 20,000lb (9,090kg)
Motor 6.6hp in 12V or 24V options
Gearbox 3 Stage Planetary

28m of 10mm synthetic rope rated to 23,760lb MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength)

28m of 10mm steel cable rated to 19,400 Lb MBS

Note: Rope or cable is supplied loose shipped for user to install after winch has been installed. Users may wish to further shorten the rope/cable to suit the length of the trailer/truck application and maximise the winch performance.

Mounting Bolt Diameter 11.2mm
Drum Size (Dia x Length) 64mm x 224mm
Mounting Bolt Pattern 254mm x 114.3mm
Weight Winch Weight Table
Dimensions Winch CAD Drawings
Clutch 180 degree turn, free spooling, slide ring gear
Brake Automatic in motor
Solenoid Albright International Heavy Duty
Duty Cycle Intermittent
Fairlead / Hawse Cable (4 way roller fair lead)  |  Rope (polished aluminium hawse)
Battery Leads 1.8m long
Hand Remote Lead 3.5m long
Water Ingress Rating IP66
Warranty 5 Years


12V Winch Performance Data

Line Pull (Lb) Line Speed (m/min) Motor Current (A)
0 5.7 65
1500 4.8 80
3,000 3.8 120
6,000 3.0 155
9,000 2.5 190
12,000 2.1 225
15,000 1.8 265
18,000 1.6 300
20,000 1.5 400

24V Winch Performance Data

Line Pull (Lb) Line Speed (m/min) Motor Current (A)
0 5.9 35
1500 5.1 40
3,000 4.0 60
6,000 3.2 80
9,000 2.8 95
12,000 2.3 115
15,000 2.1 140
18,000 1.8 155
20,000 1.7 200

Data Sheets

Winch Owner's Manual (Pre 2020 models)

Winch Owner's Manual (Post 2020 models)

Grunter Boat Winch Owner's Manual (Pre 2020 models)

Grunter Boat Winch Owner's Manual (Post 2020 models)

ATV Winch Owner's Manual

Winch Dimensions:

'Mustang' 9,500Lb with 28m spool

'Brumby' 10,000Lb high speed winch

'Colt' 12,000Lb

'Steed' 17,000Lb with 28m spool

'Steed' 17,000Lb with 45m spool

'Mule' 17,000Lb dual motor winch with 45m spool

'Stallion'  25,000Lb winch with 30m spool

'Grunter' boat trailer winches (Standard & HP Models)

Tow Truck Winch 20,000Lb

ATV Winch 4,500Lb

ATV Winch 4,500Lb Mounting Plate

Winch Control Box

Wiring Diagrams:

Dual Motor Winch Wiring Diagram

Winch Solenoid Wiring Diagram

Winch Mounting Plate Drawings:

SUWMPRB - Sherpa Winch Mounting Plate (Regular Base)

SUWMPLB - Sherpa Winch Mounting Plate (Large Base)

Winch Weights:

Winch Type 12m Rope 28m Cable 28m Rope 30m Rope 30m Cable 45m Cable 45m Rope
ATV Winch 4,500Lb 7 kg X X X X X X
9,500Lb X 26 kg 19 kg X X X X
10,000Lb High Speed X X 23 kg X X X X
12,000Lb X 30 kg 23 kg X X X X
17,000Lb Single Motor X 30 kg 23 kg X X 40 kg 26 kg
17,000Lb Dual Motor X X X X X 46 kg 32 kg
Tow Truck Winch 20,000Lb X 45 kg 30 kg X X X X
25,000Lb X X X 31 kg 47 kg X X

 Cable Data:

 Winch Type Cable Type Length Cable Size
Grunter Boat Trailer Winches (All models)

Positive (Power)

7m (~23ft) 50mm²

Negative (Earth)

3m (~10ft) 32mm²

Control Box Cables

Various <1m (< ~3ft) From winch to control box only.  25mm²
Grunter Cable Upgrade (Postive cable only)

Positive (Power)

10m (~32ft) 50mm²

4x4 Winches (All models)

Mustang, Colt, Steed, Mule, Brumby, Stallion, Tow Truck models.

Positive (Power)

1.8m (~6ft) 25mm²


Negative (Earth)

1.8m (~6ft) 25mm²

Control Box Cables

Various <1m (< ~3ft) From winch to control box only.  25mm²
4x4 Winch Cable Upgrade

Positive (Power)

3m (~10ft) 25mm²

Negative (Earth)

3m (~10ft) 25mm²
Big Air - Air Compressors (All models)

Positive (Power)

3m (~10ft) 16mm²

Negative (Earth)

3m (~10ft) 16mm²


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Tow winch

Great product. Have been using for several months loading machinery onto a flat bed trailer. Cops a hammering most days.

Tow Truck Business

I've been looking for a reliable Tow truck winch, I've finally found one thanks to Sherpa. Easy to install, comes with everything i need. And it's priced extremely well.