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Sherpa 4x4 'Plug n Play' Wireless Remote Kit


  • the ultimate in reliability, store the receiver and remote inside your vehicle! We've tried many models of inbuilt wireless remotes and all fail when submerged in water.
  • can be retrofitted to any Sherpa 4x4 winch.
  • plugs directly into the 3 pin port on your Sherpa 4x4 control box.
  • requires no batteries as it utilises the wired hand controller power supply when connected. 
  • works on 12V or 24V winches, as well as 9,000Lb, 12,000Lb, 17,000Lb & 25,000Lb models. Also compatible with the Sherpa boat winches.
  • weatherproof, Shock-Resistant housing.


Please Note - We only supply these wireless remote kits to customers purchasing a new Sherpa 4x4 winch or to customers who have already purchased a Sherpa 4x4 winch and wish to retrofit the unit. 



  • Working Distance - up to 20m
  • Lead Length - 80cm
  • IP Rating - IP68 Enclosure
  • Made in Australia
  • Warranty - 12 Months

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