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Sherpa Air Compressor (BOX-AIR)


Sherpa BOX AIR is compact yet heavy duty, simple to use, portable, 12V Air Compressor, designed to take with you when you go touring or up the beach for a weekend. Designed to generate compressed, oil free air, it’s perfect for a range of applications such as tyre inflation. Supplied in the heavy duty carry case is everything you need for your next off-road adventure.

  • Portable 12V Air Compressor Kit

    Sherpa deliver a quality and powerful air compressor mounted inside a heavy duty carry case making it a portable and simple addition to your next off-road adventure. Included in the kit is an air receiver tank and pressure switch as well as air line, gauge and power leads. This kit is ready to go and has everything you need to inflate your tyres when you go on your next adventure.

    Compressor Features:

    • Exceptional Sherpa quality
    • High volume air output from dual head compressor
    • Integrated air tank, pressure switch and safety relief valve
    • Convenient 12V power demand
    • Fast tyre inflation with 150 PSI tank air
    Build Quality and Performance - Sherpa BOX AIR

    When reliability and performance is key, only the highest quality components can be used and this is exactly what the BOX AIR encompasses. The powerful dual head compressor is designed to reach pressures up to 300 PSI which is far more than most users would ever require. Derating the compressor to 150 PSI means it's working below its maximum design capacity and will last. Beware of cheap knock off units running plastic substandard components that simply aren't robust in extreme conditions. Sherpa use the best components to deliver the greatest performance and reliability.

    The Sherpa BOX AIR performs thanks to the dual head air compressor. Air flows are further improved by the incorporation of a 3.8L air receiver tank. The unit runs an automated pressure switch which controls the pressure in the tank to between 120 PSI and 150 PSI. Having this reservoir of pressurised air improves tyre inflation times as the compressor is left to run from start to finish and continues to store compressed air as you move between tyres and other activities.

    BOX AIR Design

    The BOX AIR is contained in an extremely heavy duty, waterproof carry case. This case is easy to pack in your ute, on your roof rack or in the back of your wagon. Lay the BOX AIR out on the sand and you have a stable work platform which houses everything you need for inflation activities. All components fit inside the box easily without complex packing requirements.

  • Sherpa 'BIG AIR'

  • Specifications
    Model Sherpa BOX AIR

    Max. Operating Pressure

    200 PSI

    Pressure Switch Setting

    On 120psi / Off 150 PSI

    Relief Valve Setting

    180 PSI

    Air Tank Volume

    3.8 L



    Power Draw

    45 amps


    60 amps

    Solenoid Rating

    100 amps

    Duty Cycle

    30% @ 100 PSI

    Power Leads

    3m with Alligator clips

    Air Line

    6.5m PU


    15 kg


    550 x 410 x 190mm


    12 months

    Performance Data:
    Pressure (PSI) Current (A) CFM













  • Winch Owner's Manual 

    Grunter Boat Winch Owner's Manual

    ATV Winch Owner's Manual

    Winch Dimensions:

    'Mustang' 9,500Lb with 28m spool

    'Brumby' 10,000Lb high speed winch

    'Colt' 12,000Lb

    'Steed' 17,000Lb with 28m spool

    'Steed' 17,000Lb with 45m spool

    'Mule' 17,000Lb dual motor winch with 45m spool

    'Stallion'  25,000Lb winch with 30m spool

    Tow Truck Winch 20,000Lb

    'Grunter' boat trailer winches (Standard & HP Models)

    'Grunter' Boat Trailer Winch Mounting Bracket

    ATV Winch 4,500Lb

    ATV Winch 4,500Lb Mounting Plate

    Winch Control Box

    Wiring Diagrams:

    Dual Motor Winch Wiring Diagram

    Winch Solenoid Wiring Diagram

    Winch Weights:

    Winch Type Other 92ft (28m) Cable 92ft (28m) Rope 100ft (30m) Rope 100ft (30m) Cable 148ft (45m) Cable 148ft (45m) Rope
    ATV Winch 4,500Lb 15lb (7 kg) X X X X X X
    9,500Lb X 57lb (26 kg) 42lb (19 kg) X X X X
    10,000Lb (High Speed) X X 50lb (23 kg) X X X X
    12,000Lb X 66lb (30 kg) 50lb (23 kg) X X X X
    17,000Lb Single Motor X 60lb (30 kg) 50lb (23 kg) X X 88lb (40 kg) 57lb (26 kg)
    17,000Lb Dual Motor X X X X X 101lb (46 kg) 71lb (32 kg)
    Tow Truck Winch 20,000Lb X 100lb (45 kg) 66lb (30 kg) X X X X
    25,000Lb X X X 68lb (31 kg) 104lb (47 kg) X X

    Cable Data:

     Winch Type Cable Type Length Cable Size
    Grunter Boat Trailer Winches (All models)

    Positive (Power)

    7m (~23ft) 50mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 32mm² 

    Control Box Cables

    Various <1m (< ~3ft) From winch to control box only.  25mm² 
    Grunter Cable Upgrade (Positive cable only)

    Positive (Power)

    10m (~32ft) 50mm² 

    4x4 Winches (All models)

    Mustang, Colt, Steed, Mule, Brumby, Stallion, Tow Truck winch models.

    Positive (Power)

    1.8m (~6ft) 25mm² 


    Negative (Earth)

    1.8m (~6ft) 25mm² 

    Control Box Cables

    Various <1m (< ~3ft) From winch to control box only.  25mm²
    4x4 Winch Cable Upgrade

    Positive (Power)

    3m (~10ft) 25mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 25mm² 
    Big Air - Air Compressors (All models)

    Positive (Power)

    3m (~10ft) 16mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 16mm²

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Air Compressor

Sherpa won’t disappoint ! a great product with even better customer service,
I will definitely buy from them again someday, I cant be happier thank you Sherpa (Brisbane)

Darren McCormack
Compressor in a case

32" tyre inflated from 20 to 40 psi in just over one minute. Very impressed.

David Buscumb
works good , looks good rolled up in Leonora in good time

thank you

Best compressor I've ever had

As a first time Sherpa customer I was a bit nervous buying a new compressor as I have been "burnt" but my new Sherpa Compressor doesn't get hot.

I was tired of being let down in the heat of the moment so I did my research and wanted to support a Australian company and I was pleased to read that Sherpa explained how they make their equipment and how other companies make cheap short cuts to save money and it was in that l manufacturing that I had my issues but not anymore thanks to Sherpa , your attention to detail does not go unnoticed

Jayden Hutchinson
Sherpa box air

Great compressor doesn’t get got and very fast highly recommend