Steel Winch Cable

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Sherpa 4x4 Steel Winch Cable


  • 28m, 35m & 45m length options!
  • High quality winch cables (same as used on Sherpa winches)


A quality replacement for damaged steel cable or for those reverting back from synthetic rope. The hook end has a loop-back to allow attachment of the winch hook. At the barrel end is a crimped lug allowing the cable to be screwed onto the winch barrel. 


Don't trust cheap Chinese winch cables - a snapped winch cable can be lethal.


Winch Cable SWC28M SWC35M SWC45M
Length 28m 35m 45m
Diameter 10mm 12mm 10mm
Breaking Strain 19,400lb 30,000lb 19,400lb
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months

WARNING: Sherpa 4x4 advises the use of a winch dampener when performing vehicle recovery. Avoid using damaged or frayed cable. Avoid shock loading the cable or winch.

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