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4WD Winches by Sherpa

The Ultimate 4x4 Recovery Winch

Sherpa 4x4 winches offer the ultimate in performance and reliability! The range of 4WD winches that can be supplied allows us to cover most applications, be it 4x4 recovery, competition or for 4wd Trucks. One of the most popular uses for our large 17,000lb winch is for the grey nomads, towing a caravan around Australia you need to have the best.

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The Sherpa 4x4 winch range is designed and spec'd by our in-house engineer. Unlike many other companies Sherpa 4x4 began with the largest winch and worked our way backwards. Beginning with The Mule a dual motor 17,000lb winch for the likes of the Iveco Daily and Mitsubishi Canter means that all of our winches are going to stand up to any punishment that the average 4wder can dish out. 

Sherpa Designed & Tested 

Built from the ground up...each model begins with extensive 3D modelling and design. See our article on Sherpa 4x4 winch development.

4x4 Winch Warn Ironman Sherpa

4x4 winch cad drawing

4WD Winch Options

Winches are offered in a variety of configurations making it easy to find a Sherpa 4x4 winch that will suit your four wheel drive and recovery application. Firstly, decide how much pulling power you will require to recover your vehicle. For light 4x4's and general offroad use we suggest our 9,500Lb or 12,000Lb winches. The 9,500Lb, being the smallest in size, will fit almost every bullbar style including ARB and TJM bars. For heavier vehicles like Landcruisers, Patrols and the large American 4x4s such as Ford and Dodge consider the 17,000Lb winches. While slightly larger than the entry level winches these vehicles and winch bars will often provide ample space for fitting. For trucks, heavily modified 4WDs, competition vehicles and 4x4's towing loads such as caravans we recommend the dual motor winches. This will give great pulling power and spread the load over two motors to increase duty cycles and generally reduce strain on the drives and solenoids. The dual motor winches also provide redundancy as a failed drive or solenoid still leaves one functioning drive to get you out of trouble.

Synthetic Rope or Steel Cable?

90% of customers are opting for synthetic rope winches. It's lightweight, floats, doesn't coil back on itself and has similar braking strain to cable. While more expensive its ease of use has made this the most popular choice. Depending on your choice of rope or cable Sherpa 4x4 will supply a winch kit with either a roller fairlead or winch hawse. We can also provide a 30mm offset hawse on request. Also choose between 28m or 45m rope options. However, if going for the 45 meter option the barrel and winch mounting base is slightly larger than for the 28m versions.

Sherpa 4x4 offers all winch combinations in 24 volt! Winches with 24V drives and solenoids are made up in our Brisbane warehouse on demand so please allow a few working days extra on delivery.

Where can I buy a Sherpa 4x4 winch? Our winches are available to order through our website and we can ship all over Australia and the world.