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Winch Gearbox Rotation

July 02, 2016 2 min read

Sherpa 4x4 Gearbox Rotation

The Sherpa 4x4 12,000Lb and 17,000Lb single drive winches feature a rotatable gearbox. This allows the engagement lever to be rotated in 6 different positions. When installing your winch you'll see if you need to move the gear lever to a more accessible location. The procedure can be done yourself, however it's important to follow these instructions to ensure proper location of the winch drive rod in the gearbox.

We've amended this article with a fully explanatory video as follows:

Amendment: While the newer Sherpa 4x4 winch range includes a 9,500lb winch and the colour has changed the instructions are still the same.
12V 4WD Winch 12000lb     12v 17000lb 4WD Winch     9500lb 4WD recovery winch
Follow these instructions and be certain that the drive rod locates correctly into the 
gearbox and drive otherwise damage can occur to gears and winch drive. 
  1. Undo the two Allen key bolts in the cross members at the gearbox end. 
  2. Remove the gearbox and undo the six smaller black Allen key bolts on the gearbox. 
  3. Rotate the gearbox as required, six positions are available. 
  4. Tighten the six black Allen key bolts. 
  5. Refit the gearbox to the cross members, at this stage do not worry about locating the drive rod correctly. 
  6. Remove the winch drive by undoing the two Allen key bolts in the cross members at the drive end. 
  7. With the gearbox on a flat surface push the drive rod into the gears and ensure it locates correctly, you will feel it drop roughly half an inch into the gearbox. 
  8. Place the drive coupling onto the other end of the drive rod. 
  9. Carefully lower the winch drive onto the coupling and ensure it locates correctly. 
  10. Tighten the two Allen key bolts on the cross members to attach the winch drive. 
  11. Check everything is straight and fits properly. Check the Allen key bolts are done up firmly. Check the winch barrel sits properly into the drive and gearbox. There should be an even gap around the ends of the winch barrel.

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