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How to install a Sherpa 17000Lb winch

August 23, 2016 1 min read

Here we install a Sherpa 'Steed' 17000Lb winch with 28m synthetic rope onto a 2013 Land Rover Defender with ARB Deluxe Bar. To simplify the install, positive and negative cables have already been run from the under seat battery to the bull bar.

The install on the Defender is more difficult than most vehicles and requires the bottom part of the grill to be removed to give clearance on the engagement lever. Installation also requires the bullbar to be taken off and the winch fitted. When fitting Sherpa winches to vehicles such as most Landcruisers, Patrols, Hilux's, Navaras...such modification is not required.

Sherpa 4WD winches will fit the majority of offroad vehicles and bullbars. They utilise the standard 10" x 4" mounting bolt pattern as is common on Warn winches and most other makes.

The winches are supplied as a kit including all the brackets, nuts, bolts, hawse or fairlead and parts seen here in the video.


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