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Sherpa Teams Up With Smartbar

July 07, 2017 2 min read

Light Weight Innovation for your 4x4

A growing number of people are realising the benefits of weight savings when it comes to kitting out their 4WD for touring and expedition. This trend has led to Sherpa 4x4 teaming up with Smartbar in Australia to create some powerful, yet low weight bar and winch solutions.

Sherpa 4WD Winches Australia Review

Sherpa 4x4 specialise in powerful, high quality recovery winches typically aimed at larger, heavier vehicles such as the Iveco Daily and Mitsubishi Canter type trucks. With Sherpa’s range of winches holding up to 45m of Dyneema rope, 17,000lb of pulling power, single and dual motor options, they are known for arguably the best winches in this field. Expansion of the Shera 4x4 brand into the mainstream off-road vehicle market has revealed some surprising opportunities and one of these is the weight saving benefits that come with their aluminum winch housings. Precision machining of the aluminum castings combined with steel sleeves in the gearbox rather than full steel construction, affords Sherpa winches great strength at reduced weight over competing brands.

Smartbar is also an innovative Australian company based in South Australia who specialize in low weight polymer vehicle bull bars. These bars are different to the traditional steel bull bar people may be use to as they combine engineered steel bracketry with polymer materials to deliver a bar less likely to permanently deform and crack when impacts such as animal strikes occur. The UV stabilized polyethylene material is molded to snuggly fit most modern vehicles offering a stylish and highly practical bull bar solution for 4wds and trucks. The innovation and engineering that goes into these bars is why more and more people and businesses are making the switch to Smartbar.

Smartbar bullbar on Ambulance

When Smartbar and Sherpa teamed up to offer light weight, yet powerful winch and bar solutions, no one would have imagined the outcome to be combinations weighing as little as 61kg (Based on a Pajero Sport bar 42kg and a Sherpa 4x4 9,500lb Dyneema rope winch 19kg). Weight savings have a range of benifts for owners including improved fuel economy, often better ride comfort with less need for aftermarket suspension kits as well as a more capable vehicle offroad with less mass to get bogged.

Ford Ranger Bullbar With Sherpa Winch

Both companies continue to work together and now have a range of solutions for most modern vehicles including the Toyota Hilux 2015+, PX2 Ford Ranger, Nissan Patrol, Triton MQ, Pajero Sport and Nissan Navara NP300. Recent success won’t stop the development for either company and rumors are there are many more models and new innovations underway!

For further information on solutions for your vehicle contact Sherpa 4x4 or Smartbar directly;

Sherpa 4x4

1300 246 406



1300 301 320

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