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Jeep Lemon Law November 13 2015, 0 Comments

What are jeeps really good for?

Legalities of LED Light bars September 24 2015, 0 Comments

It is not uncommon to wonder about how to correctly mount your LED light bars. This is a short summery of the correct procedures for mounting.

How a Diff really works. August 13 2015, 0 Comments

This educational video helps to explain how simple a 4WD diff really works.

How to install a 45m winch to your Defender July 09 2015, 0 Comments

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to install a 45m winch to your Defender with ARB Delux bar.

Land Rover Defender 12v 4WD Winch

How to choose the correct winch for you! April 10 2015, 0 Comments

Are you not entirely sure what winch is right for you? Do you really think a 9,500lb is the ideal winch for your fully loaded 200 series. Check out all the info and advice from the Sherpa 4x4 team.

4x4 Winch selection. How to choose the best winch for your vehicle

The 2015 Sherpa winch lineup. - Introducing "The Mustang" January 12 2015, 0 Comments

The 2015 Sherpa 4x4 range comes with plenty of improvement to keep you safe on the track. We have also released our very own 9,500lb Winch.

9500lb 4x4 winches

Installing your Sherpa 4x4 snorkel November 11 2014, 0 Comments

Installing a 4WD snorkel is a daunting task. This instructional video should help to give you the confidence to install a Sherpa 4x4 snorkel yourself. Demonstrated on a Nissan Patrol GU3

Sherpa 4x4 Nissan Patrol Snorkel

What to think about when you’re buying your next snorkel. October 29 2014, 0 Comments

What is the difference between a $100 snorkel and a $500 Snorkel? Do you think you can install a Snorkel yourself? Check out the tips and tricks here.

The Toughest Winch in Australia goes through Tough Testing. October 21 2014, 0 Comments

There are plenty of people out there that are selling any winches they can get their hands on. Sherpa 4x4 takes a different approach.

“Making certain that any of our products will stand up to Australia is the most important aspect to me and the Sherpa 4x4 brand”

Sherpa 4x4 4WD Winch

Sherpa 4x4 Winch Wiring Instructional Video September 15 2014, 0 Comments

Wiring a Sherpa 4x4 Winch is a simple process. This short video will help you understand the what can sometime seem like a complicated process.

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